Spring Offers


I could not of asked for a more inspirational day on which to write my spring treatment blog.  The sun is shining, my washing is on the line, my girls are giggling in the garden, hubby’s planning BBQs and the daffodils and primroses are abundant and glorious!!

“Spring is the transition season between winter and summer during which we see days get longer, temperatures warming and plants blossoming in time for summer”

As an Aromatherapist, and all round lover of nice pongs, spring excites my senses. The smell of cut grass, clean bed sheets dried in the fresh air, cooking outside and even the rain smells amazing to me. All of which create a wonderful sense of happy nostalgia.  Spring has sprung and new beginnings are happening all around.


There is lots to celebrate during March, April and May.  Not only does Mother Nature get a massive shout out from me but so do all of our incredible Mummy’s doing a fantastic job. We all deserve some recognition and of course some serious pampering. Don’t forget Mother’s Day 26th March!!


Easter. The only other day apart from Christmas that eating chocolate for breakfast is never frowned upon. A real favourite with all the girls in my house! I love the long weekend and the excitement of an egg hunt and picnic, if the rain holds out that is.

All in all I love Spring!

However, it is also a time for cleansing, renewal and motivating our mind and body and the following treatments are just perfect for putting that well needed spring in your step or as a treat for someone special this season.












30 minutes £25

Perfect for the hardworking gardener in your life, this treatment targets tired muscles and minds.  The back, neck and shoulders are cleansed and exfoliated using sea salt and pumice blended with black pepper, grapefruit and ginger. This is then removed with hot muslin cloths and a deep tissue massage performed combining nourishing oils and cleansing and uplifting essential oils of black pepper, palmarosa and lemon. A real breath of fresh air in a treatment.



face mask image 1

1 hour £40

An uninterrupted hour of pure skin pampering.  Tired winter skin is cleansed and exfoliated away, leaving you feeling more radiant and refreshed. Achey scalp, shoulder and facial muscles are massaged and relaxed with a warmed aromatic oil, before a  hydrating facial mask is applied which helps to tighten and tone all skin types. With a potent blend of rejuvenating frankincense, ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid and firming marine algae, skin will feel firmer and hydrated. Relax whilst your arms and hands are massaged then the mask is removed using hot muslins cloths and the facial completed with a moisture boosting treatment cream.




30 minutes £25

This treatment focuses on the needs of the delicate eye area.  Combining white tea, renowned for it’s anti-oxidant properties and cold marble stone massage. This is a perfect treat for anyone suffering from tired, puffy and stressed eyes and a must for any hayfever sufferers.

The treatment begins with a refreshing eye cleanse. Then a detoxing pressure point and drainage massage is performed before an antioxidant mask is applied around the eye area and cooled tea compresses placed over the eyes. Whilst you relax cold marble stones are used to refresh and tone the eye area. Your mask is then gently removed and a toning eye gel applied to complete your treatment.

Refreshed, revived, hydrated eyes are yours.

*This can also be combined with any facial treatment



chocolate image 4

1 hour £40

Why just wait for Easter to eat chocolate when you can be treated with it?! If this is not a treatment made in heaven I don’t know what is? Combining Massage and Chocolate, two of my favourite things in the world, this delicious treatment works on relaxing the body, nourishing the skin and exciting the senses with the scrumptious aromas of cocoa.

The treatment begins on my heated couch, with a light warmed mitt exfoliation, followed by the application of a chocolate body butter packed full of shea butter. Renowned for having fantastic moisturising properties, it also helps with inflammation and aids in the skins natural collagen production helping to strengthen the skin.

You will then be wrapped snuggly in blankets whilst your shoulders, neck and scalp are massaged, allowing the products to warm gently on your skin in preparation for the rest of the treatment.

The warmed body butter is then massaged into the rest of the body leaving your skin feeling completely smooth, your mind relaxed and you will smell good enough to eat!

As I said to one client “if Willy Wonka did massage, this would be it” xx


All treatments are available as Gift vouchers




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