Not going to lie, this season is not my favourite (bah humbug!) I hate the cold, I eat too much and can’t get up in the mornings.  However, there is no denying, when I put the miserable grown up aside,  it is also a magical time of year.  Childhood nostalgia of the excitement of Christmas and will there be snow? Cosy movie nights, cuddling under blankets with hot chocolate, fairy and candle light and beginnings of a new year.


As a therapist I want to incorporate all that I do love into my treatments. My room needs to feel inviting and cosy, my couch heated, aromas sweet, spicy and citrus. Treatments have to be warming, giving radiance and hydration to skin exposed to cold temperatures and artificial heating. Clients need to leave the clinic feeling their senses and mood have been uplifted.


I have listed some fabulous treatments below. All with that little element of festive fun!!!




A festive twist on a client favourite. A Christmas blend of cocoa, mandarin, clove and cinnamon, combined with skin nourishing Shea butter create the perfect full body indulgence. This warming, moisturising and relaxing treatment includes body brushing and a full body massage.

1 hour £40




Combining hot stones and warming aromatherapy, this back, neck and shoulder massage will help you relax into the festivities or rescue you from the winter doldrums.

30 minutes £25



We all know the story of the three kings bringing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh at Christmas but did you know that combining these three very special gifts creates the most luxurious of facials? Add in festive aromatherapy, the warmth of my treatment couch, candles and soothing music to enjoy some precious “you time” in the busy month ahead.

Frankincense (cleansing, moisturising)

*Immune boosting

*Deeply Relaxing


Myrrh (face, neck, shoulder, scalp and hand massage)



*Potent antioxidant

Gold (mask)

*Reduces inflammation

*Increases cell regeneration

*Firming and Hydrating


1 Hour £50





Chilly evenings, high heels and dancing the night away means our feet really struggle during winter months. Treat them with a ‘foot facial’.  Your tootsies will be cleansed , exfoliated and moisturised before being soothed and warmed in heated booties. All aches and pains will be massaged away, toe nails painted to perfection and you leave feeling as light as a snowflake!

1 hour £40


All treatments are available as Gift vouchers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!




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