Energizing and Uplifting Body Treatment

I hadn’t felf myself since the beginning of December when I caught a terrible cold/flu/virus that completely knocked me for six.  I lacked energy and motivation and with two children as well as a busy business this was not an option! As well as trying to make changes in my lifestyle, earlier nights, multi vitamins and lots of fruit of veg, I also referred to my love of aromatherapy and started diffusing energizing and balancing oils at home as well as during treatments in the clinic. It made a huge difference. Unfortunately, I was not the only one who felt this way and after speaking to numerous clients who had felt the same my mind was made up. Something needed to be done! We all needed an uplift.  To feel rebalanced. To feel like we had the sun on our skin and spring was in the air.  This became my inspiration for my new treatment………




This scalp to tootsies treatment combines the balancing power of Geranium with the revitilising and gently detoxing action of Orange, to uplift your senses, stabilize your emotions and energize your mind.

The treatment begins with an all over body exfoliation. The mineral rich sea salt and shea butter help to refresh and smooth, boosting circulation and helping to tone and improve the appearance of the skin.

After the exfoliant is removed with warm mitts, fragranced with ginger and clove, a vitamin rich balm is applied all over the body.  Not only does it contain the geranium and orange oils, but the ultra nourishing combination of shea butter, olive and pumpkin seed oils make this heaven sent for dull and dry winter skins.

orange flower

As with most of my body treatments I leave the balm to warm on the skin. The added heat of the couch and blankets aid relaxation of the muscles and allow the oils to fill the treatment room, giving a amazing sensory journey to your treatment.  Whilst you relax I perform the face and scalp part of the treatment.  The face is cleansed, toned and exfoliated using a magical combination of orange flower, honey and rice powder and products removed with warmed muslin cloths.  The face and scalp are then massaged using a antioxidant rich orange flower oil which helps to replenish and balance moisture levels, restoring radiance and giving skin back it’s healthy “sun kissed” glow.

mens aromather

Now the Body balm is warmed and muscles less achy, a full body massage completes the treatment perfectly, leaving you feeling relaxed but rebalanced. mentally uplifed and refocused.  Physically your skin will feel warmed, nourished and banished of the winter blues.

swedish massge

75 mins

Price £65


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