Indulgent Chocolate Body Treatment

chocolate image 2

If this is not a treatment made in heaven I don’t know what is? Combining Massage and Chocolate, two of my favourite things in the world, this delicious treatment works on relaxing the body, nourishing the skin and exciting the senses with the scrumptious aromas of cocoa.

chocolate image 4The treatment begins on my heated couch, with a light warmed mitt exfoliation, followed by the application of a chocolate body butter packed full of shea butter. Renowned for having fantastic moisturising properties, it also helps with inflammation and aids in the skins natural collagen production helping to strengthen the skin.

You will then be wrapped snuggly in blankets whilst your shoulders, neck and scalp are massaged, allowing the products to warm gently on your skin in preparation for the rest of the treatment.

The warmed body butter is then massaged into the rest of the body leaving your skin feeling completely smooth, your mind relaxed and you will smell good enough to eat!

As I said to one client “if Willy Wonka did massage, this would be it” xx

Treatment 1 hour £50

chocolate image

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