rose body treatment

The last couple of weeks have brought a change in weather and conversation with clients has focused on the things they love and hate about about the winter months arrival.  Apart from Fireworks, Christmas, earlier dark evenings and cold mornings most of them commented on the change in their skin.  Dry ,tight and dull were all words used to describe their skin dreads.  So this got me thinking about a face and body treatment that would not just help improve and hopefully go some way to prevent some of these negative effects of the cold, lack of sunshine and heating but also help lift mind and spirit.

The Wild Rose Luxury Body Treatment is a full body trerose bodyatment that begins with a dry body brush. This will help to remove dry, scaly skin cells and will invigorate the skin. The brush movements will accelerate the flow of lymph towards the lymph glands where the lymph can be eliminated. The circulation will be stimulated at the same time.

Then the Wild Rose Elixir is applied over the entire body.  This product is one of my all time favourites.

  • Luxuriously nourishing
  • Boosts skin’s radiance and elasticity
  • Sublime aromatherapeutic fragrancerose petals

You will then be wrapped and whilst relaxing on the heated couch your face and scalp is massaged with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm.  Another amazing product that helps restore smoothness and radiance to your skin whilst deep cleansing and nourishing.

After allowing the body and products on it to warm, a full body massage is performed which will leave your body feeling relaxed, your mind uplifted and your skin nourished and radiant.


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